I have many directories of audio files that are audio books.  When I want to get them on my phone quickly (iPhone), I just generate a quick podcast, then load that podcast’s content in my podcast player.

genRSS is a program that does just that.  I had to make a few modifications to the program, so my github version is here: caleb’s genRSS

  1. Step 1:  install genRSS
  2. run genRSS.py:
     genRSS.py --recursive -d . --host --title "A History of Hitler's Empire, 2nd Edition" --description "The Teaching Company's course on Hitler's empire" -o hitler.rss
    This generates 'hitler.rss'
  3. run the tiny http server:
    tinyHttpServer.py -m . 8080
  4. in your podcast browser, navigate to your newly created podcast feed:

That’s it. !