Scientology Contract Leaked

Here’s a good one:  A scientology contract was leaked.  If you want to work for them as a Class V officer (whatever that is), you need to sign this document: scientology-class-v-org-contract. Among other things, you need to agree that: you won’t get paid that if you quit before the end of your term (2.5 or 5 […]

Mr. Diety

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Homeopathic cure for thirst

High school teacher found to violate the first ammendment by calling creationism, “religious, supersticious nonsense”

So, James Corbett, a 20-year teacher, says to his high school class, “creationism is religious, supersititious, nonsense,” when referring to a previous lawsuit where a science teacher was forced to teach evolution. One of the students sued Dr. Corbett because he violated the student’s right to free speech! And the judge agreed with the student!  […]


I hate to just keep copying stuff from Pharangula, but I have to.

If Atheists Ruled the World

This is awesome. Thanks Rob.

Jesus causes high blood pressure

Diane just sent me this (Click the image for more info).

Another cross-species gene transfer

I still like the green sea slug plantimal as the best cross-species gene transfer, but wasps are pretty good too. There’s no consent for these surrogate parents. Tens of thousands of wasp species lay their eggs inside caterpillars [ed.  Google says there are more than 200,000 species of wasp], injecting toxins that paralyze the hosts […]

Captain Sullenberger Speaks out: Why do people keep thanking God for trying to kill them?

Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the now famous captain of US Airway flight 1549 that crashed in the Hudson river, just can’t figure out why people are so grateful to God for trying to kill everybody on board.  The incredulous Sullenberger said “Look, God could have sent only 1 bird into one engine to teach us a […]

Craven’s Razor

That Occam’s Razor is another dangerous idea.

Jesus is really getting around. Now he’s going to nuzzle your falafel.

He already vacated the floor tile to take up residence in a sandwich.   Unfortunately, He never made it into a sandwich, but is on for auction instead. (via Bad Astronomy).

Oh Jesus. Now He comes on floor tiles.

  Here’s a really bad case of pareidolia, and a good analysis of this here, and the original report here.  Sorry to hear that He left the cat’s leg, and too bad if you’re the sucker that bought the doggie door.   Jesus is no longer residing in your flap.

Prayer max 5000