Vaccinate your children… please.

This post was written by caleb on May 29, 2011
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This is what a case of smallpox does do you.  Luckily, smallpox has been pretty well eliminated from the earth due to a massive and effective vaccine program.  So, your kids don’t have to live with that horrible disease.  However, there are still lots of super nasty, deadly diseases that childhood vaccines protect against.

Not only do vaccines prevent horrible diseases, they also don’t cause autism.  The so-called vaccine-autism study was fraudulently conjured up by Andrew Wakefield and it’s not only been shown that he was a fraud, but there have been many, many studies that show a total lack of any causation between vaccines and autism. Vaccines of course, are not without risk, but the risk of the diseases far outweigh the risk of vaccine injury.

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